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General Questions
What is Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT)?
Founded in 1927, the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), The Premier Association of Financial Professionals, is an international, independent association of nearly 36,000 of the world's leading life insurance and financial services professionals from more than 430 companies in 78 countries. MDRT members demonstrate exceptional professional knowledge, strict ethical conduct and outstanding client service. MDRT membership is recognized internationally as the standard of sales excellence in the life insurance and financial services business
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Who belongs to MDRT?
MDRT members comprise the most successful sales professionals in the life insurance-based financial services business. Producers come from more than 78 nations and territories and about 430 companies. MDRT members' ages range from their early 20s to well into their 90s.
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What is MDRT's address?
Million Dollar Round Table
325 West Touhy Avenue
Park Ridge, Illinois 60068-4265 USA
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What is my member ID number?
Your MDRT ID number is included on your MDRT application each year.  In addition, it is included in most written correspondence with MDRT.  You can also get your ID number by calling MDRT Headquarters at (847) 692-6378.
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What does "Life" membership mean?
Once a member has attained "Qualifying and Life" membership with the Round Table, they then have the option of either attesting to having met current, minimum production levels with their yearly application renewal and being approved as Qualifying and Life, or not submitting production with their application renewal and being approved as Life. Therefore, Life membership means you are submitting your application without production. All Life members must still submit an application each year and pay yearly dues.
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How are MDRT production requirements calculated?


The scientific method that is equitable, and can be fairly applied relies on the Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) index produced by the World Bank. The World Bank is a recognized, comprehensive, global source for such data and they generate the most comprehensive and reliable information for this type of measurement.

In its simplest form, the PPP index is a comparison of the average prices of goods and services between two countries. The conversion occurs in a way to ensure that a given amount of one country's currency will purchase the same basket of goods (i.e.: food, clothing, shelter, etc.) and services in the second country as it does in the first.

To understand the PPP index and the information that it conveys, consider a good that remains the same, no matter where the item is sold. For this example, let's assume that a good costs $500 USD in the United States and $600 USD in Country A. Suppose that $600 USD is the equivalent of 3,000 units of country A's local currency (using the official exchange rate established by the World Bank). Then, we could say that same good that costs $500 USD costs 3,000 units of local currency in Country A. Thus, the PPP index would express the relative prices of the same good in each country's currency (3,000/500=6).

The actual PPP measure includes hundreds of goods from approximately 155 categories of GNP, for each country in the study. It also applies weights to depict the relative use of these goods, so that the index represents accurately the importance of these goods to the economy.

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Annual Meeting Questions
What is the MDRT Annual Meeting?
The MDRT Annual Meeting has been described as a one-of-a-kind event — the life insurance sales meeting par excellence. Every year, more than 6,000 of the world's most successful producers gather in a spirit of camaraderie that is unparalleled in the world of business. The magic is memorable. It can change lives. It can mobilize an industry. It can create new heroes. It can galvanize the greatest gathering of sales professionals in the world.

Annual Meeting attendees are exposed to some of the most innovative sales ideas in the life insurance-based, financial services business. The meeting offers about 100 speakers during its sales ideas breakfast sessions, motivational Main Platform presentations, educational afternoon sessions, and insightful evening sessions. And, perhaps most importantly, members can network with their peers from around the world, building friendships that last a lifetime.

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Who is eligible to attend the MDRT Annual Meeting?
Only MDRT members are invited to attend the Annual Meeting.
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When can I register for the Annual Meeting?
All MDRT members will receive registration materials with their notification of approval or, once approved for the Round Table, you may register online.
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When will the registration materials be available?
The registration materials are sent to all approved MDRT members in February of the membership year and on a rolling basis thereafter as the membership application process is completed. Once you have been approved for membership, you may also register online if you wish.
Note: The earlier you are approved for membership, the earlier you can register for the Annual Meeting —so return your membership application early.
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Can I bring a guest to the Annual Meeting?
As a rule, only members are eligible to attend the Annual Meeting.  Occasionally, an Annual Meeting may be deemed a spouse meeting, guest meeting or a family meeting.  On these occasions, this feature is well publicized.
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When is the next guest Annual Meeting?
The date for the next guest meeting has not been decided.
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Why should I book my hotel room with MDRT?
Booking a hotel room through one of the official MDRT hotels helps absorb the cost of the Annual Meeting. This also helps keep registration fees lower for future Annual Meetings.
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I have questions about the next Annual Meeting. Where can I get answers?
Contact the Meeting Services Department at MDRT headquarters, 325 W. Touhy Avenue, Park Ridge, Illinois, 60068, U.S.A. or e-mail
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When and where are future MDRT Annual Meetings?
2015 – June 14-17, New Orleans, USA
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Mentoring Questions
What is the MDRT Mentoring Program?
The MDRT Mentoring Program is a program designed to assist companies by increasing productivity, assuring agent retention and stabilizing morale.
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How can I enroll in the mentoring program?
Enrollment forms and other information are available online. You may contact the mentoring department at MDRT headquarters by calling (847) 692-6378.
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How much does the mentoring program cost?

There is no cost to enroll in the MDRT Mentoring Program.

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What if an aspirant qualifies to join the Million Dollar Round Table?
Once the mentoring department is notified that the aspirant has reached qualifying production, a congratulatory letter and an application to the Round Table will be sent to the aspirant. Instructions and an offer of assistance from the mentoring department will be attached to the application.
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What if an aspirants production is 50 percent or 80 percent?

Upon reaching 50 percent of the MDRT membership requirement the first year and 80 percent the next year, aspirant(s) will be allowed to attend the Annual Meeting accompanied by their mentor.  The aspirant must submit their year-end production totals to the mentoring department in order to qualify.  MDRT will send complete instructions for the aspirant to follow.

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Membership Benefits
What are MDRT's member benefits?

1) Productivity. We exist to recognize your productivity, as well as to help you increase your productivity. By attending the annual meeting, reading Round the Table magazine and the Proceedings, and through MDRT products you will learn from the best in the business how to increase your bottom line.

2) Professionalism. You will learn to run your practice like a business, keeping more of what you earn at the same time as improving your client relations and customer service. You will also learn how to deal with technology, staffing and other business management issues.

3) Personal Growth. Through the Whole Person Concept, you will learn how to give the needed attention to all areas of your life. The resulting balance in your personal and professional life will enable you to have a greater satisfaction in life, as well as helping to extend your success into the future by avoiding burnout.

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What are other benefits of membership?
These would include eligibility to attend the MDRT Annual Meeting (requires separate fees); a copy of the MDRT Proceedings,which is the written record of Annual Meeting presentations; a complimentary subscription to the bi-monthly MDRT magazine Round the Table; member discounts on MDRT products; access to the Members Only portions of this site whic include the Membership Directory, Sales Ideas, the Library and benefits.
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Membership- Qualifying
How do I qualify for the 2014 Million Dollar Round Table?
Everyone must submit proof of production equal to or greater than USD 91,000 in eligible commissions paid or USD 182,000 paid premium earned or USD 156,000 in annual gross income during 2011. For more detailed information, review MDRT Membership Reqirements.
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Can I apply with a combination of commission, premium and income?
No. You must apply using one method only. First-year applicants may only apply under the commission or premium method.
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When is the membership deadline? By what dates do applications have to be postmarked?
Membership applications with all required information and dues must be postmarked by March 1 of each year. Applications postmarked after the March 1 deadline will be accepted, but are subject to a USD 200 additional fee.
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What qualifies as a professional association?
The professional association must be a membership organization of individuals.  It must focus on insurance or financial services. The association must have been in existence for at least two years, be non-profit, have a code of ethics and an effective means of dealing with breaches of its code. More information
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Membership- Application Process
What is the MDRT application process?

Interested persons can either complete an application online or request a paper application:

  1. Online membership application process

  2. Request a paper application.
    • Call MDRT or request an application online.
    • Complete the application form. Answer all questions completely.
    • Send the certifying letter(s) to your company(ies) if required. You may make a copy of the certifying letter form if you need to send one to more than one company.
    • Return the completed application, certifying letters, and dues payment to MDRT in the envelope we provide. Send it by March 1 to avoid the USD 200 additional fee. Note: Faxed and e-mailed applications are not accepted. We strongly encourage you to send the application by registered air mail, certified mail or courier service to ensure you have a receipt showing the date the forms were mailed.
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How do I get a membership application?
You may request an application online, or you can fax or mail the Request for Application form after downloading the PDF file. Or you can call MDRT at (847) 692-6378 and request an application from the Membership department.  If you have an MDRT membership ID number, you may download an application after November 1.
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What are the membership dues?
Membership dues are USD 550, for applications postmarked by March 1. After March 1, dues are subject to a  USD 200 additional fee, making membership USD 750.
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I received an application for MDRT membership and did not request one. Why was it sent to me and what is it for?
MDRT sends applications upon request either from the prospective member or from the company and also sends applications to prior year members. If you did not request an application, and you were not a MDRT member last year, then your company requested an application be prepared for you. If you would like to join MDRT, complete the application according to the instructions and return it to MDRT with payment on or before March 1.
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Do I have to send in the original membership application form or can I mail in copies?
We prefer to receive the original and processing is speedier.
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Is there a deadline for sending in my application for membership?
The application deadline is March 1 of the membership year. However, you may apply for membership after this date with the payment of an additional USD 200 fee. No applications are accepted after the close of the Table year.  For example, the close of the 2013 year is December 31, 2013.
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Are there exceptions to the additional fee for applications postmarked after March 1?
The institution of the additional fee came about as an amendment to the MDRT Constitution and Bylaws, which was approved by the membership in 1995. Prior to that, applications postmarked after March 1 were denied. Because the additional fee is stipulated in the Bylaws, it cannot be waived.
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Do I have to renew my membership each year?
Yes. Qualifying membership status is granted for one year only regardless of status.
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How do I find out if MDRT has received my application?
You can check the status of your application in the approval process online. You will need to enter your MDRT ID number (available from your copy of the application sent to you) and your birth date.
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How long will it take for my application to be approved?

This depends on when you send in your application. Approximate time expected to process your application is as follows:

Jan 1 to Feb 15 2 weeks
Feb 16 to Apr 1 4 weeks
Apr 2 to Jun 30 2 weeks
Jun 30 to Dec 31 1 week
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I want to withdraw my membership application. Do I receive a refund?
If your requested withdrawal was received prior to approval you will receive a full refund of any membership fees collected by MDRT. If your request is received after your application was approved, no refund of fees will be made.
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My MDRT membership was denied. Do I receive a refund of fees paid?
All fees collected for MDRT membership are refunded if the application was denied.
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Membership- Certifying Letter
I received a completed certifying letter from MDRT. Why was it sent to me and what is it for?
MDRT does not send out completed certifying letters. The letter you received was from your company. Often, the company will prepare and send certifying letters for all their agents. If you would like to apply for membership, please request an application. Attach the certifying letter you received to your completed MDRT application when returning.
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If I received a certifying letter from my company and it is the only one I am using, do I need to fill out the one included with my application?
No. Attach the one received from your company to your application.
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Who should sign my certifying letter?

If you are paid directly by a company, your certifying letter should be signed by them. If the company pays an agency, corporation, etc., the company should sign the certifying letter in the name of the corporation. If you wish to claim production paid from a broker/dealer, the broker/dealer should complete the certifying letter indicating your personal MDRT credit paid. Note: You may not sign your own certifying letter.

If paid by an agency or broker/dealer, please complete the certifying letter worksheet.

If you are applying under the income qualification method, you must sign your certifying letter and attach documentation.


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Can I use a fax copy of my certifying letters?
Yes, however, all materials should be mailed in together to assure accurate, speedy processing.
Download a certifying letter
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Do I need to fill out the certifying letter worksheet on the back of the application?
Only if the certifying letter attached to your application is not in your name.
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I have credit that I shared with another agent or, I have credit that was paid in the name of a corporation, agency, brokerage. What do I do?
On the back of the application form, there is an area labeled "Certifying Letter Worksheet". Indicate how the credit was paid, and list the name of the other agent, the name of the brokerage or corporation, etc. Next, indicate the amount of personal production credit you are claiming from the attached certifying letter (in the name of the other agent, the name of the corporation, etc.) in the area provided.
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Membership- Court of the Table/ Top of the Table
What are the production requirements for Court of the Table and Top of the Table?
View the production requirements online by country.
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Do Court of the Table and Top of the Table members have to pay the USD 550 regular dues?
Yes. Any Court of the Table or Top of the Table payment is in addition to regular dues.
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Do I pay an additional USD 50 for Court of the Table if I am also applying for Top of the Table?
No. Top of the Table dues include Court of the Table dues.
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Where can I read more about Top of the Table?
The MDRT Web site has a section devoted to Top of the Table, where you can read more about Top of the Table.
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Online Membership Application
What is the Online Membership Application System?
It is a start-to-finish online approval system that facilitates the submission and processing of the MDRT membership application electronically.
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How does the Online Membership Application System work?
The system guides applicants through the application process, resulting in immediate approval for membership. Applicants can connect to their MDRT membership record, update their personal information, enter their production, upload an electronic copy of their certifying letter(s) and select the level of membership they desire. After completing all the steps and paying member dues, applicants receive an immediate confirmation of their approval as a member of MDRT.
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How is the Online Membership Application System different from completing a paper application?
The system is more than just an online form. It interfaces with the MDRT membership database that houses the applicants membership record and the information the applicant provides. The system only displays membership options for which the applicant is eligible. Further, the system validates entries through each step of the application process and keeps the user from proceeding to the next step until all errors are resolved.

Note: Online applications must be completed, submitted and approved no later than March 1 to avoid the additional fee for late applications.
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What if I am having problems with the Online Membership Application System on March 1 and am in danger of missing the deadline? Is there anything I can do?
Online applicants who encounter difficulty may download and print their personalized application from the MDRT website and mail it by the deadline to avoid the additional fee.
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What do I need to get started?
The online application will go easiest and fastest for those who have their certifying letters saved in electronic format on their computer and have their credit card available when they begin the process.

If the applicant has certifying letters on paper, they will also want to scan and save them in electronic format before beginning.
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How long does it take to complete an online application?
If one has all the necessary documentation, the process should take approximately 10 minutes to complete.
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How do I show my affiliation with a primary insurance company?
Applicants have the ability to edit their personal information. They may select their company affiliation from a drop-down list of companies in their country.
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How do I demonstrate MDRT qualification?
Applicants can choose from the commission, premium or income qualification methods, based on their membership record. Those eligible to use the attest provision will see that option as well.

If the applicant is eligible to apply with eligible MDRT production via the commission, premium or income methods, they enter the amount of their production then scan and attach an electronic copy of their completed certifying letter(s). PDFs, JPEGs and a number of other image files are acceptable.

Note: As with the paper application, all online applications are subject to audit.
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What if my company reports my production directly to MDRT?
Any production that is reported to MDRT by the company according to a pre-arranged agreement will appear in the applicants online record. If the applicant is certain the company will provide this information, and it does not appear on the Production page, they may click the Save and Exit button and wait for the company to submit the information to MDRT before continuing with the application.

Note: If waiting for company-reported production would cause the applicant to miss the March 1 completion deadline, the applicant should download and print the personalized application from the MDRT website and mail it by the deadline to avoid the additional fee.
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How do I pay my membership dues?
MDRT accepts credit card payments by MasterCard, Visa, American Express, JCB, Diners Club International and Discover.
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What if my company pays my membership dues?
If arrangements have been made with MDRT and sufficient funds are deposited with MDRT, the payment screen reflects that. If not, the applicant will be asked to provide credit card details for payment. Any reimbursement of member dues must be arranged between the company and the member.
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Who can use the Online Membership Application System?
Both returning and new applicants may use the system. Returning members may access their record by logging in with their six-digit MDRT ID number and birth date.

New applicants can create a record by entering the necessary information and following the application steps after their new MDRT ID number is confirmed. Upon creating their record, they will receive an email with their MDRT ID number.

Note: It is important to use ones existing MDRT ID number if one exists. Current or former members will not see certain membership options if they create a new record, as the system will not recognize them and will treat them as a first-time applicant.
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I dont remember my MDRT ID number. How can I find it?
The system includes a search function. By entering a few pieces of information, applicants may be able to find their record. If not, they can contact MDRT.
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What if I can't complete the application in one sitting?
The system stores the entered data at each step in the process. Applicants can log in at a later time and continue by clicking the Resume button.
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Is there anyone who cannot use the Online Membership Application System?
The vast majority of applicants are eligible to use the system. Only those requesting a disability waiver for the first time, as well as anyone with an ethics complaint against them, will be kept from using the system. In those cases, the user must contact MDRT staff and complete a paper application.

Note: Anyone whose paper application has been received and is being processed at MDRT headquarters must complete the paper process and is not able to use the Online Membership Application System.
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What happens after my application is approved?
After the application is completed and payment successfully made, the system provides immediate notice of approval. The newly approved member can then print a copy of the payment receipt and completed application for their records. The customary approval letter and membership certificate will follow in the mail.

Note: Online applicants should not mail the application to MDRT.
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If I qualify for Court of the Table or Top of the Table, can I upgrade my membership at a later time, even if I have already been approved for MDRT-level membership?
Those who complete an online application may return later to provide additional production information and to upgrade their membership level to Court of the Table or Top of the Table.

Note: Applicants who have already sent a paper application being processed at MDRT headquarters must complete the paper process and are not able to use the Online Membership Application System.
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Is the Online Membership Application System available in other languages than English?
Yes, the system is available in Bahasa Indonesia, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Traditional Chinese.

Note: All entries in the system must be made in English letters only.
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Where do I go to begin?
The Online Membership Application System is available at
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What device or software do I need to use the Online Membership Application System?
No special software is needed. Simply click on the link above or enter the address in your Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Safari), then follow the instructions.
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Where do I begin?

Follow the link below to begin the online application process:

Go to the online membership application now.

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