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Application Process

What is the MDRT application process?

1) Request an application.

2) Complete the application form. Answer all questions completely.

3) If you are a first-time member, send the certifying letter(s) to your company(ies).  You may make copies of the certifying letter form if you need to send to more than one company.  If you are a current or former member, please see the Reporting section of the Membership Requirements page.

4) Return the completed application and dues payment to MDRT in the envelope we provide. Send it by March 1 to avoid the USD 200 required additional fee. Note: Faxed and e-mailed applications are not accepted. We strongly encourage you to send the application by registered air mail, certified mail or courier service to ensure you have a receipt showing the date the forms were mailed.

How do I get a membership application?

You may obtain a membership application on line or you can fax or mail the Request for Application form after downloading the PDF file. Or you can call MDRT at (847) 692-6378 and request an application from the Membership department.

Is the membership application available on the Web site?

No.  MDRT does not make blank applications forms available.  You may obtain an application online.  See the above item.

What are the membership dues?

Membership dues are USD 550, for applications postmarked by March 1. After March 1, dues are subject to a  USD 200 required additional fee, making membership USD 750.

I received an application for MDRT membership and did not request one. Why was it sent to me and what is it for?

MDRT sends applications upon request either from the prospective member or from the company and also sends applications to prior year members. If you did not request an application, and you were not a MDRT member last year, then your company requested an application be prepared for you. If you would like to join MDRT, complete the application according to the instructions and return it to MDRT with payment on or before March 1.

Do I have to send in the original membership application form or can I mail in copies?

We prefer to receive the original and processing is speedier.

Is there a deadline for sending in my application for membership?

The application deadline is March 1 of the membership year. However, you may apply for membership after this date with the payment of USD 200 required additional fee. No applications are accepted after the close of the Table year. (i.e., December 31, 2014, for the 2014 Table, etc.)

Are there exceptions to the required additional fee for applications postmarked after March 1?

The institution of the required additional fee came about as an amendment to the MDRT Bylaws, which was approved by the membership in 1995. Prior to that, applications postmarked after March 1 were denied. Because the required additional fee is stipulated in the Bylaws, it can not be waived.

Do I have to renew my membership each year?

Yes. Membership status is granted for one year only regardless of status.

Has MDRT received my application?

You can check the status of your application in the approval process online. You will need to enter your MDRT ID number (available from your copy of the application sent to you) and your birth date.

How long will it take for my application to be approved?

This depends on when you send in your application. Approximate time expected to process your application is as follows:

Jan 1 to Feb 15 2 weeks
Feb 16 to Apr 1 4 weeks
Apr 2 to Jun 30 2 weeks
Jun 30 to Dec 31 1 week

I want to withdraw my membership application. Do I receive a refund?

If your requested withdrawal was received prior to approval you will receive a full refund of any membership fees collected by MDRT. If your request is received after your application was approved, no refund of fees will be made.

My MDRT membership was denied. Do I receive a refund of fees paid?

All fees collected for MDRT membership are refunded if the application was denied.