Whole Person Concept

Robust, healthy lifestyle 

Within MDRT, members know their ability to creatively problem-solve for clients is dependent on their own physical and mental well-being. They thus strive to maintain a sound and balanced mind and body through lifestyle choices, improving the quality of their life and a more productive business.

Strong, fulfilling relationships 

MDRT members make it a priority to spend meaningful time with family and friends so that they can build relationships based on sharing, love, mutual respect and openness. This is the foundation for happiness and prosperity for all members, as those they are closest to empower them to reach their highest potential.

Intellectual development 

Intellectual curiosity is a core value of every MDRT member. They believe in the power of lifelong learning and actively seek the growth it provides. Incorporating a new skill or gaining knowledge drives members forward as professionals and individuals.

Career success and growth

No matter the pace, forward momentum will lead to accomplishing goals. Continual membership in MDRT reflects how members value this incremental progress, as engaging with fellow peers provides opportunities to gain new perspectives and continued growth.

Financial security

MDRT members lead by example. They follow the advice they give to their clients and take steps to nurture their own financial security. Keeping personal finances in order removes potential distractions and helps members concentrate on their clients’ needs.

Spiritual and personal values

MDRT members align their work with their values and spiritual beliefs. They find long-term meaning and purpose by cultivating these facets of their lives to grow toward greater fulfillment.

Commitment to community service

Providing service to others and being a positive influence on the communities is something for which every MDRT member strives. By contributing their time, energy and financial resources with no expectation of personal gain, they become positive role models and uplift their communities.