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MDRT members must annually complete an application, submit certifying letters and pay dues. Returning members must submit those materials with their MDRT ID number; new members will be assigned a new ID. If you have everything you need to apply, you are a few minutes from approval.


Returning members, find your number on the My MDRT page; new applicants will be assigned an ID.

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Have your certifying letters in electronic format ready to upload.

2020 Certifying Letters

2019 Certifying Letters



View premium, commission or income requirements for previous calendar year, and find MDRT’s strict Code of Ethics.

Request a paper application

You can contact MDRT at +1 (847) 692–6378 or complete online profile and request a paper application. If you already have an MDRT ID number, simply click on the link below and sign in to request your personalized application. If you do not have an MDRT ID, click on that link and complete your online profile by clicking on “New User Signup” at the bottom of the login page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to questions you have pertaining to membership.


If you are already, or wish to be part of, MDRT’s mentoring program, no application is necessary. Find out more about becoming an aspirant.

Find out more about becoming an aspirant