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Monitor quality to improve your productivity
Monitor quality to improve your productivity

Sep 01 2022

Monitor quality to improve your productivity

Qualitative metrics can be a revealing way to measure your performance.

By Nadia Wijatno, CLU, ChFC

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What metrics do you use to gauge your performance? Do you count how many people you met? How many cases you closed? How much revenue you generated or how many referrals you received?

Those numbers are important measures of growth, but I believe that if we are not careful, we can become overly focused on the quantitative side of our business and neglect what I find to be equally important: the qualitative side.

Here is a different take on how I review my business.

When I look at my activity rate, I don’t just check how many appointments I had that week or that month. I also ask myself, Am I meeting the right people? Who are the right people?

Apart from qualifying the usual needs and means, I ask:

  • Do I like them?
  • Do they like me?
  • Do they share common values with me?
  • Do they give me repeat business?
  • Do they give me referrals?
  • Are they my ideal clients?

These questions help me narrow down the characteristics of my ideal client so I can work more effectively and achieve higher levels of satisfaction.

When reviewing a closed case, I don’t just look at the case size and stop there. I review by asking the client for feedback: “Mr. Client, what did you like about the process? What did you not like about the process? Why did you choose me?”

What advisors think is important may not be perceived the same way by the client. Conversely, what the client deems important may not be perceived that way by you. Focus on the latter so your client will have a better experience and more satisfaction.

When you review a case that you lost, do not just simply move on to the next prospect. Pause and think:

  • What could I have done better?
  • Did I say something wrong?
  • Did I not listen enough?
  • Did I not ask the right questions?
  • What is the learning point here?

Lastly, when planning your activity, instead of asking, “Who can I close today?” ask, “Who can I help today?” Instead of “Who can give me a referral today?” ask, “Who can I care more for today?” Rather than asking, “What is my sales target for today?” ask, “Whose lives can I impact today?”

Answering those qualitative questions will improve your productivity, create better relationships with your clients and improve both partners’ satisfaction in the business.