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Task list tool
Task list tool

May 01 2023 / Round the Table Magazine

Task list tool

Items to help you organize your tasks, de-tangle cords, bring relief to your seat and know your body better.

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Task list tool

Is your to-do list overwhelming? Todoist is a cloud-based app with a simple interface that lets you set up projects for personal and work lists and for one-time events. Projects can be color-coded to help you differentiate them, and you can add and reorder tasks in as much or as little detail as you need, schedule due dates and mark tasks as done. Available in free, $5/month and $48/year subscriptions, todoist.com. 


Customized desk lighting

Is your workspace cluttered with a halo light and a desk lamp? The Illum Desk Light by Fluidstance clamps on your desk, and its three LED light sources can each rotate 360 degrees for direct or reflected light. The flexible gooseneck adjusts for height and remote control lets you set brightness to the appropriate setting for reading, desk work or videoconferencing. Available in black and white, $129, fluidstance.com.


Give it a twist

Two computer screens not just on a hinge, but a swivel. Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Twist has dual rotating displays that changes the user’s experience with just a twist. Get longer battery life and reduce eyestrain with the e-Ink 12-inch screen to read and write text. Or twist to the 13.3-inch color OLED screen with interactive touch glass for the full laptop experience. Includes a stylus for taking notes. Available starting in June. $1,650, lenovo.com


Tiny travel shaver

No more worries about packing the charger with your portable shaver. The Evo Shaver is as small as an egg, and the 6,000 rpm motor delivers a smooth shave. The travel shaver fits easily in hand luggage and has a travel lock mode, so it won’t accidentally turn on. Evo connects to the USB-C port on your power bank, laptop, or wall charger and delivers 90 minutes of service on a single charge. Cleaning is as easy as twisting off the blade mesh and washing under running water.  $39, micronovelty.com


Seat relief

Sit longer, be more comfortable and improve your posture. The Memory Foam Coccyx Seat Cushion from Everlasting Comfort has an ergonomic U-shaped cutout that reduces pressure in strategic areas on your body, providing relief from sciatica, tailbone, leg, hip and back pain. Machine washable/dryer-safe cover and available in five colors. $41, everlastingcomfort.net


Know your body better

Stepping onto this device with bare feet might be the closest to getting a DIY physical exam at home. The KoreScale Gen 2 uses four precision sensors to measure weight and the electric current flowing through your body and reports back via a phone app with 14 key health metrics such as your weight, heart rate, body mass index, muscle mass, bone mass, water weight, protein level, metabolic age and more. The app supports multiple profiles, and data is automatically stored and graphed so you can track changes and progress. $100, yourkorescalegen2.com


Silky sleep

If you awake every morning with tangled hair and dry facial skin, your pillowcase could be the culprit. Blissy pillowcases are made with mulberry silk that repel the moisture in your hair and skin, which otherwise would be absorbed by cotton bedding. Blissy is soft, so there’s less friction that can irritate your skin and cause hair frizz. Also, stays cool for a more comfortable sleep. Standard sizes start at $67, blissy.com


Make reading social

Search for books to read next, see what other readers are reading and share reviews on BookWyrm, an ad-free social network for readers. Members can join the one huge BookWyrm network or interact with one of the many smaller self-directed communities that are categorized by genre, location and more. Members also can interact with readers on Mastodon, a social network running on open-source software. Free, bookwyrm.social 


Cord organization

Keep your desk or floor free of that cordian tangle of cords. The sleek Yamazaki Cable Management Box can hide and hold cords and a power strip with up to seven outlets. The box comes with a lid and anti-slip rubber feet. It is heat resistant and no assembly required. Available in white, brown and taupe. $40, theyamazakihome.com