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Speaker Recommendation


Speaking At the MDRT Annual Meeting

Types of Speaking Opportunities

Opening Ceremony and Main Platform Sessions
- General Sessions, i.e no competing programming
- Main Platform sessions are 3 hours long and feature multiple speakers. There is no keynote.
- TED Talk like format with presentation length typically 15-30 minutes as determined by the Program Development Committee
- Interpreted into 10-15 languages
- 10-18 nonmember openings each year

MDRT Speaks
- Open to MDRT members only
- Quick 1 or 2 idea sharing presentations
- 3-5 minute in length

Cornerstone Sessions
- Main Platform quality presenters and content which require more time than available on Main Platform
- Four concurrent sessions with interpretation

Special Sessions
- Presentation length typically 45-60 minutes
- Three to six nonmember openings each year
- Includes one session for MDRT top membership levels and three “additional fee” sessions which include a meal.

Focus Sessions
- Industry, business education and technical sessions
- Presentation length 60 or 90 minutes
- Practical applications for professional and personal life for financial advisors


- Speakers must be willing to customize content to MDRT audience
- The Program Development Committee looks for speakers who engage the audience with their delivery and content, not lectures.
- Political, religious and U.S.-centric speakers or topics are not considered appropriate for our Annual Meeting.
- Main Platform presentations tend to be address big picture, general concepts and trends. Special Sessions and Focus Sessions content is more specific with practical take-aways. Cornerstone sessions can be deeper exploration of big picture, general concepts content.

Main Platform, Cornerstone and Special Session Topics
- Business Strategies and Practices, Coaching/Mentoring, Economic and Future Trends, Health and Well- Being, Humor, Inspiration, Leadership, Change Management, Marketing and Branding, Motivation, Sales Strategies and Techniques, Technology Integration and Trends, Whole Person

Focus Session
- Risk based products; Insurance in Action; Retirement Planning; Wealth Management; Economic and Future Trends; Staffing, Business Processes, Coaching, Compliance, Fee based practices; Office efficiency and technology; Time management, Succession planning, Prospecting, Referrals, Branding, Communications Techniques, Social Media, Target/Niche marketing, Balanced living, Health

Selection Process

- Speaker selection for the MDRT Annual Meeting is member-driven. All speakers are selected by the Program Development Committee (PDC). Approximately 500 potential speakers are reviewed each year. Recommendations are received from MDRT members, Program Committee members and individual speakers in addition to those received from speaker bureaus.
- MDRT looks for speakers with messages that provide transferable ideas and strategies that can enhance attendees’ professional practice and impact their personal lives. They are not necessarily well-known speakers.
- MDRT seeks speakers who can engage the audience, not give a lecture.
- Individuals who are producers selling products that would make them eligible to join MDRT must be or become MDRT members in 2018.
- The goal is to achieve a balance between member and nonmember speakers.

2018 Speaker Selection Timeline

July 1, 2017- Deadline for online speaker applications

August/September, 2017 - Select Focus Session potential speakers invited to submit presentation proposals; Proposal Review; Weekly review of submitted Main Platform, Cornerstone, Special Session potential speaker videos.

October, 2017 - Speaker Selection and Notification

November/December, 2017 - Speaker contracting

Honorarium Policy

Members – MDRT does not pay an honorarium or speaking fee to members.

Nonmembers – MDRT does pay honorariums for non-member speakers.