PGA: The Path to Leadership

The Program General Arrangements (PGA) Committee needs your help to make the 2012 MDRT Annual Meeting in Anaheim, California, USA an enjoyable experience for the 4,000 members expected to attend. PGA volunteers greet attendees, direct foot traffic, answer attendees' questions about the meeting, assist speakers and help with registration.

Every year, more than 500 MDRT members from around the world volunteer during the MDRT Annual Meeting, and they get more out of it than helping the meeting run smoothly. Volunteers find that being a part of the team enhances their meeting experience and is a great way to meet new friends.

Volunteering for PGA is an opportunity for you to network with your fellow members, make new friends and give back to the organization while getting opportunities to learn skills that can grow into leadership positions. PGA is guided by a group of dedicated MDRT members and staff who are available to help every step of the way.

Members may sign up to be 2012 Annual Meeting PGA volunteers in one of three ways:

  1. At the same time as you register for the Annual Meeting.
  2. Sign up for PGA now.
  3. Call or fax MDRT headquarters to request a faxable registration form:
        Phone: +1 847.692.6378
        Fax: +1 847.518.8921


PGA Task Forces

Traffic Task Force comprises three divisions: General, Main Platform and Sessions. They direct members and guests to various Annual Meeting events. You can always spot Traffic Task Force workers by their unique theme hats.

Entertainment Task Force, nicknamed the MDRT Roadies, is responsible for organizing the equipment and overall setup for the bands that play at different functions during the meeting, including performances before and after Main Platform.

First Time Orientation (FTO) Task Force volunteers greet first-time attendees with a special welcome. The volunteers may also serve as event hosts at the FTO session. They encourage first-time attendees to learn from and enjoy the Annual Meeting experience. The FTO Orientation takes place Sunday afternoon.

Meeting Involvement Task Force volunteers help recruit additional on-site volunteers. In addition, they are available to answer questions regarding the location of sessions, Power Center Store and ConneXion Zone hours and other meeting events.

Power Center Task Force volunteers assist members in the MDRT Power Center Store as they select from hundreds of products developed specifically for the needs of members.

Registration Task Force volunteers greet and welcome members as they pick up their registration materials. They also support the Special Guest Office.

Speaker Relations-Main Platform Task Force volunteers serve as hosts to the program speakers.

All volunteers are required to attend the PGA Orientation on Saturday, June 9, at 4:30 p.m. During this orientation, you will receive important details regarding your assignment. Please plan to arrive in Anaheim in time to attend the orientation.

PGA is the path to MDRT leadership. Come help others enjoy the experience of MDRT!

The friendships I have developed because of my volunteer work with PGA are priceless.
William M. McNamara, CLU, ChFC, Annual Meeting PGA Divisional Vice President

My MDRT volunteering started with PGA. I did everything from selling exhibits space, holding signs on street corners to working as a speaker host. Each of my PGA jobs was a great experience. I enjoyed meeting new people and being a member of PGA got me hooked on MDRT involvement. Everyone should consider a PGA opportunity….it will totally enhance your annual meeting experience.
Jennifer A. Borislow, CLU, MDRT President