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Membership- Certifying Letter

Membership- Certifying Letter
I received a completed certifying letter from MDRT. Why was it sent to me and what is it for?
MDRT does not send out completed certifying letters. The letter you received was from your company. Often, the company will prepare and send certifying letters for all their agents. If you would like to apply for membership, please request an application. Attach the certifying letter you received to your completed MDRT application when returning.
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If I received a certifying letter from my company and it is the only one I am using, do I need to fill out the one included with my application?
No. Attach the one received from your company to your application.
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Who should sign my certifying letter?

If you are paid directly by a company, your certifying letter should be signed by them. If the company pays an agency, corporation, etc., the company should sign the certifying letter in the name of the corporation. If you wish to claim production paid from a broker/dealer, the broker/dealer should complete the certifying letter indicating your personal MDRT credit paid. Note: You may not sign your own certifying letter.

If paid by an agency or broker/dealer, please complete the certifying letter worksheet.

If you are applying under the income qualification method, you must sign your certifying letter and attach documentation.


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Can I use a fax copy of my certifying letters?
Yes, however, all materials should be mailed in together to assure accurate, speedy processing.
Download a certifying letter
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Do I need to fill out the certifying letter worksheet on the back of the application?
Only if the certifying letter attached to your application is not in your name.
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I have credit that I shared with another agent or, I have credit that was paid in the name of a corporation, agency, brokerage. What do I do?
On the back of the application form, there is an area labeled "Certifying Letter Worksheet". Indicate how the credit was paid, and list the name of the other agent, the name of the brokerage or corporation, etc. Next, indicate the amount of personal production credit you are claiming from the attached certifying letter (in the name of the other agent, the name of the corporation, etc.) in the area provided.
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