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MDRT Mentoring

Mentoring WebinarMentoring Provides — counseling, guidance and encouragement to an aspirant by a committed mentor to bring the aspirant to MDRT-level productivity.

NEW! MDRT has created a Mentor Resource Kit for members to use with their aspirants.

Mentoring Creates — a positive outcome for two producers by matching their varying levels of experience and talent to lead the aspirant to long-term financial success, and the mentor to continued and/or greater success and personal satisfaction.

Mentoring Teaches — in the classic method, requiring open, two-way communication.

Mentoring Mission Statement

To facilitate mentoring relationships between MDRT members and qualified aspirants leading to:

  • Consistent MDRT-level production for the aspirant
  • Increased enthusiasm, commitment and productivity for the MDRT member
  • Enhanced efficiency and productivity for the agency distribution system

The MDRT Mentoring Program is helping thousands of sales professionals to increase their productivity. Can you benefit?

Most likely, yes! The program pairs aspiring MDRT qualifiers with veteran Round Table members. The goal is to boost newer producers to MDRT-level production while raising veteran MDRT members to peak performance.

The benefits include:

  • Increased production by newer agents
  • Increased new agent retention
  • Increased productivity by veteran agents
  • Increased profitability for agencies



View the May/June 2004 Round the Table article "Using Mentoring to Make a Difference" by MDRT member Phillip Shaun McDuffee, CLU, ChFC, who discusses the difference mentoring has made in his career.