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MDRT members report that the guidance received from a mentor made the most significant difference in achieving success in their careers. The MDRT Mentoring Program requires potential aspirants to find a current MDRT member to be their mentor. Aspirants will need the MDRT member ID to complete the process.

Process and Qualifications

  1. Create an MDRT account here and enroll while logged in.
  2. Obtain your mentor’s MDRT member ID.
  3. There is no minimum production requirement to enroll; reporting of year-end production is required.

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Tips to finding a mentor

  • Contact your agency office for MDRT members in your company.
  • Call the corporate office of the carrier you do the most business with and ask if they are able to provide names of MDRT members in your area.
  • MDRT members are often at local or regional NAIFA meetings or other financial associations’ meetings, so seek them out there.
  • Search the MDRT Resource Zone or MDRT Blog to see if there is a member presenter or interview that resonates with you. Reach out to them and ask if they would mentor you. Most MDRT members are glad to share their journey and guide others.

Once you have found a mentor, obtain their MDRT ID#, as you will need this to enroll in the program. You will need to have an account set up to log in and complete enrollment. Once you have done this, click here .


Resources for MDRT Aspirants

Aspirant Production Goals

Reaching monthly goals is key to attaining MDRT membership

Mentoring Flyer

View the MDRT Mentoring Program flyer

MDRT Resource Zone

Aspirants can have access to many member resources once they have an account and are logged in


Short MDRT articles which are good for quick inspiration or information

Art of Mentoring

Find tips to help your mentoring experience be most beneficial

Mentoring Forms

Start your Mentoring relationship with a signed agreement and forms to keep you on track.