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Gregory B. Gagne, ChFC

Gregory B. Gagne, ChFC, is the Secretary of the MDRT Executive Committee. He is a 21-year MDRT member with four Court of the Table and 12 Top of the Table qualifications. He is also an Excalibur Knight of the MDRT Foundation and has served on its Board of Trustees. Gagne is the founder of Affinity Investment Group LLC, which provides wealth management and distribution-planning services. His extensive MDRT volunteerism has included roles as Global Council Member of Top of the Table, Program General Arrangements (PGA) and the Program Development Committee (PDC). He has spoken at 12 MDRT meetings. In addition to his MDRT leadership, Gagne is a past president of NAIFA–New Hampshire and was awarded the NAIFA–New Hampshire Distinguished Financial Advisor Award in 2008.