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Sep 29 2021

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How to attract the clients you want

Be ambitious in getting the type of clients you want. You just need to know where and how to get them.

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Having the right clients can make all the difference in your career. So, where do you start if you are looking to expand your target clientele? Gan Chin Soon, an 18-year MDRT member from Malaysia shares his methods on where and how to look for the clients you want. 

How do you get the clients you want?  

Look up for prospects on social media 

From time to time, I check out my clients who are most active on social media and I will add them as a friend. I start to actively engaged their posts with likes, shares and comments. And from there, I do more research. Let’s say my client uses Facebook. I then look into the friends they have on the platform and who also interacts with their posts, which means they must have a considerably good relationship. From these identified profiles, I narrow the prospects who would fit the profile of my ideal client.  

For example, if I have a doctor for a client, chances are that his friends would likely be doctors and I would list down probably about three to five friends who are their Facebook friends. As the saying goes -- birds of a feather flock together. 

Leverage on your existing network  

Next, I will arrange for a Zoom catch up with my existing client to update them on their financial plans.  

During the session, I approach the subject by saying “Hey Dr John, I noticed that Dr Peter is on your Facebook”. With a bit of research done on Dr Peter first, I mention that I’m interested in meeting him as my other clients have visited him before and they say he is a very good doctor. “Could you help connect me with Dr Peter? You can message him to say I’ve been working with you for some time and I personally would like to have a brief introduction with him over the phone or Zoom to share some ideas on how we can help to protect or enhance his wealth, especially during these critical times. Alternatively, I can set up a WhatsApp group with the three of us. I can introduce myself and say that I’ve been working with you, and you can add on to say that you know me and trust me. Would you be able to do that for me, Dr John?”  

When you fully leverage your existing client relationships, you’ll find there’s room to attract similar clientele.  

If your ideal clients aren’t coming to you, go to them 

Just like fishermen, you got to go to where the fishes are. You can’t wait for the fishes to come to you. If you are clear about the type of clients you want, you got to go to where they are. There are the two activities, I personally love doing and where I get to enjoy and go to where “the fishes are”, where my target clients are.  

Some years back, I picked up the game of golf. It is been an rewarding sport that can help open doors when you want to network with professionals and business owners. The second thing I did was join the Rotary Club, a club filled with accomplished individuals that come together for two purposes  for fellowship and to serve charitable purposes. I’ve made some important contacts and clients through my involvement with Rotary by taking up several key positions as I get to meet and work with a lot of prospects. 

A key idea that you can start working on now is ask yourself what are your hobbies or interests that you enjoy or would like to pick up which can take you where “the fishes” are. Even in the worst case scenario, if you don’t manage to get any business or leads, you’d still enjoy yourself. Trust that you will enjoy yourself and make friends, the business will come eventually.  


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