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Ways to keep your clients happy with you
Ways to keep your clients happy with you

Jan 03 2022

Ways to keep your clients happy with you

When buying financial products, people want to know that they are gaining the best possible options. Keeping clients happy in this area is a key factor for financial advisors to maximize your sales and attract prospects.

By Tanichka Achan

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There are undoubtedly many different approaches to keep your clients delighted and have them raving about your services to their friends and family. Here are three best tips from Malaysian MDRT members on keeping clients happy.  

1. Focus on a few instead of many clients  

When you try to work with too many clients, ultimately, no one client will be getting your full attention or best effort. It can be tempting to grow your clientele and exceed your financial targets. However, too much ambition, can result in the opposite effect of what you want.  

Alex Chua, a four-year MDRT member, said: “I am not a fan of multi-tasking and juggling clients. I like to focus on one group of similar clients a day to focus all my attention on, so I can ensure they are satisfied with their needs. This way, I am showing them my effective competency as a financial advisor.” 

Jeffrey Soon, a 14-year MDRT member, agreed. He said, “My capacity has a limit. I cannot see so many clients every day. So, I tell myself I will serve specific groups of customers at a time so I can be more focused in understanding them better, therefore gaining a happier customer.” 

By not fully committing to your clients, they may feel neglected thinking they are not worth your time in helping them. Clients want financial advisors that are genuinely interested in them. Someone who can be sensitive to their needs and their life circumstances, rather than being seen as a work obligation for the sake of numbers. 

2. Use a client-first approach   

With more time, financial advisors will be able to be productive in giving their undivided attention to manage their client needs. You can use this time to develop meaningful connection and financial strategies for your clients to meet their goals successfully.  

Tung Lai Keng, an MDRT member since 2018, follows these five steps to ensure she fulfills her client’s needs and resolves their financial issues. She ensures to begin with a consultation as her foundation, moves on to a more in-depth summarization of the key sales, and going on the next step of asking questions and proposing solutions with the aim of staying connected with the client. Lastly, she maximizes efforts for her annual services. The essence of her strategy shows that she puts her clients first.  

Finding a client-first strategy that works well for you will enable your clients to feel like they are valued and have confidence in their financial advisor. 

3. Avoid speaking to your clients only to sell 

Being genuine is an important quality financial advisors should maintain as this can be a key differentiator between a happy client and an indifferent one. Whenever clients hear your voice or see you, they might only think you are just interested in business and might reject your future pitches. 

“When they think of protection, their mind should think of their financial advisor. With a strong association, it will be natural for them to recommend their friends and refer them to me,” said Tung.  

“We are in the human business so our tips may not work 100%. Therefore, we must keep in touch with our clients and remember their big days to let them know we are still here,” said Soon.  

When clients know they have someone that knows their priorities in life and where they are in their life stage as well as know them as a person, they would in turn be more comfortable in seeking advice. They would be happy to contact their financial advisors because they know their opinions are valued and matter.  

Soon added, “I made a promise to my clients I will always be there when they call. Even if they don’t see me, especially during this pandemic, they can still hear my voice.” 

In conclusion, to keep clients happy, you should take things a step further to exceed rather than just meet the expectations of clients. When you are genuine and work on your clients to like and trust you, it will become much easier to keep your existing clients happy and secure more prospects in the future. 


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