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Branding and content marketing on Instagram
Branding and content marketing on Instagram

Dec 20 2022

Branding and content marketing on Instagram

Julie Anne Baldemor shares how to get clients on Instagram

By Antonette Reyes

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Instagram is the third most used social media platform in the Philippines, following Facebook and TikTok, with 18.65 million users as of 2022, according to We Are Social and Kepios’ Digital 2022 Report.  

Finding Facebook and TikTok too crowded, Julie Anne Baldemor, a one-year MDRT member from the Philippines, set out to build her personal and professional brand on Instagram even when she was a rookie. “I needed to think of strategies that would help me reach more millennials and Gen Zs, who are my target clients,” she says.   

She thought of a creative way to grow her presence on the platform. She collaborated with business accounts with thousands of followers to promote her services as a financial advisor. While some required payment, others only asked that she inform her followers of their businesses in return.  

Posting Instagram Stories and allocating a budget for boosting proved particularly effective in driving awareness. “People notice an Instagram Story more as it is in full screen, compared to a sponsored post that tends to be overlooked because it appears smaller in their feeds.”  

Living in a fast-paced digital world requires being on top of online trends to remain relevant. “To connect with our prospects enough for them to reach out, we need content that resonates with their pain points and goals and share insights and advice,” Baldemor advises.  

Baldemor says she once had a client who came across her Instagram posts but was hesitant to message her. “Eventually she got in touch with me after she kept seeing my posts in her feed. Social media has helped me cast a wider net beyond my natural market. Once they’re my clients, I give them the best customer service by being responsive and responsible.” 

She emphasizes that Instagram photos and videos must be visually appealing to attract the target audience. “Take advantage of Instagram stickers, use other design platforms, and hire a graphic designer or video editor. Do whatever it takes to make your posts stand out. The more people I reach and convert to being my clients, the higher the returns on my investment, as what I spend on boosting, graphic design, and video editing comes from my pocket. Be so good at what you do that you can’t be ignored,” she shares,  


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