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Keep it fresh
Keep it fresh

Nov 01 2023 / Round the Table Magazine

Keep it fresh

Products that help you protect your files, expertly edit your videos and prioritize self-care.

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Keep it fresh

Keeping your clothes looking and smelling their best can be tough during long business trips. The portable Bosch FreshUp zaps odor-related problems with a technology that releases active plasma particles to dissolve odor molecules, eliminating the smell rather than masking it. Works on cotton, silk, cashmere, wool, linen, polyester blends, sportswear and functional clothes. Deodorizing is as simple as dragging the device across the desired area on dry clothes that you’re wearing or laying it on a flat surface. $275, bosch-home.com


Better safe than sorry

Working in a high-paced environment can occasionally lead to accidents. The Nacuwa Protective Laptop Case is a stylish choice for keeping your laptop safe from bumps, scratches and spills. This case comes in four different sizes, is lightweight, waterproof, shock resistant and perfect for traveling. Prices range between $28 to $35, amazon.com


An adaptor for any occasion

When traveling to different countries, you don’t want to worry about which travel adaptor to bring. Epicka Universal Travel Adapter saves the hassle with compact technology that include all ports into one piece of tech. Epicka is compatible in the U.K., Ireland, U.S., Japan, China, Australia, most of Europe and most of South America. The adapter also protects your tech against overheating, short-circuiting and an overloaded fuse. $23, epickatech.com


The backup plan

Having a safe space for all your business-related and personal files is important. Backblaze is a user-friendly, unlimited cloud storage compatible with both Windows and iOS that encrypts your files and uploads them automatically. Get started with 10 GB of backup storage for free, or upgrade to unlimited service on one computer for $7 a month, backblaze.com


The shield

EMF Radiation comes from our phones, Bluetooth speakers and many other devices we use every day, but there is a way to minimize your exposure. DefenderShield Laptop EMF & Heat Blocker is capable of absorbing 99% of EMF from 0GHz to 90GHz and heat coming from the bottom of your laptop. Fits laptop with up to 17-inch displays and comes in three colors. $115, defendershield.com


Video editing for everyone

Looking professional with quality communication is important for client outreach. Veed is a video editor that allows even beginners to create expert-level content. The editing tools offer many options, including trimming, merging and adding effects. “I record my own Zoom meeting with no one else in it and (Veed) is really simple. I throw the footage in there and you can trim it, add the headings and so forth,” said Aaron Kane, B Bus, AFA, an nine-year MDRT member from Wheelers Hill, Victoria, Australia. “I can edit a video in just 10 to 15 minutes, and I just trained one of my team members to do that too.” Veed also can export videos in various formats and resolutions, ensuring compatibility with any possible platform. Subscriptions start at $18 per month, veed.io


Fitness made accessible

Getting your steps in is hard when you’re sitting for most of the day. Obe provides a dynamic fitness experience right in the comfort of your own home. Obe contains a vast library of on-demand classes led by top-notch instructors. There are more than 20 types of workouts to choose from, such as cardio, strength training, yoga and barre. The classes are designed to be accessible for all fitness levels, with modifications and progressions provided. Whether you’re looking to get a quick workout in between meetings or a longer workout to start your day, Obe’s workouts range from five to 60 minutes long and can be done with or without equipment. The workouts are challenging yet fun, and the instructors’ energy is contagious. $25 a month, obefitness.com


Your screen at any angle

Working from bed just got easier with the CobaltX Universal Adjustable 2-in-1 Smartphone and Tablet Stand. It is a versatile and practical accessory for anyone who wants hands-free convenience while using their devices. The stand’s adjustable gooseneck design allows for flexible positioning and is rotatable up to 360 degrees. Its universal compatibility and adjustable clamp make it suitable for various devices and provide stability and optimal view. $30, shopcobaltx.com


Rest easy

Being well rested is the first step to assure productivity in the workplace. Sharper Image Bluetooth Sound Therapy Eye Mask combines the benefits of soothing sound therapy with a comfortable, light-blocking design. The built-in dual Bluetooth speakers allow you to wirelessly connect your device and enjoy your favorite calming music or nature sounds. The soft fabric ensures a cozy fit, while the adjustable strap provides a secure and customizable fit for all head sizes. The eye mask is rechargeable, eliminating the need for batteries, and maintains charge for up to 8 hours. $64, sharperimage.com