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What to post?
What to post?

Jun 30 2023

What to post?

Explore a variety of ideas that can help you reach and connect with your social media audience.

Topics Covered

This is the sixth page of an eight-part guide. 

It probably seems like there are infinite possibilities for what you could put on social media. These are just some of the content types you might utilize (while recognizing that videos and photos are key formats that drive engagement, compared to text alone): 

  • Write an article. 
  • Create short posts that provide pictures with captions. 
  • Film and share your own videos about evergreen topics or time-sensitive news to educate as well as simplify complicated language and subjects. 
  • Conduct thought-provoking polls. 
  • Use infographics to educate. 
  • Reshare articles or videos from people you respect, including strong copy to accompany what you share. 

 As for the material itself, you could address some or all of these questions in various posts: 

  • What problems do you help solve for your clients? 
  • What are your core values when conducting this business? 
  • What success stories do you have to share? 
  • Ask your audience: What do they think you do? 
  • How do your clients feel about you? (Testimonials) 
  • What would it look like if clients chose to work with you? 
  • Do you enjoy your job and why? 
  • What was your most interesting encounter last week? 
  • What are some myths about the work you do? 
  • How have you added value to your clients beyond finance? 
  • What does an ideal working relationship with your clients look like? 
  • What services do you provide? 
  • What makes you stand out from your competitors? 
  • On a more personal level: What do you do outside of work? 
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