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Beyond paper
Beyond paper

May 01 2024 / Round the Table Magazine

Beyond paper

AI for post-meeting tasks, personal assistance and QR business cards.

Topics Covered

Beyond paper

Are you tired of scrambling for notepads or worrying about losing precious ideas? Nuwa Pen assures that will never happen again. This smart pen is your bridge between the analog and digital worlds. It writes on any surface, from paper towels to sticky notes, sees what you’re writing and instantly converts all of your work to digital text available and searchable on your smartphone or tablet. The artificial intelligence (AI)-powered pen recognizes multiple languages and is capable of two hours of continuous writing and handwriting recognition on a single charge. $293, nuwapen.com


Reclaim your attention

Imagine a world where technology enhances your life without overwhelming it. Enter the Humane AI Pin, a clip-on device that makes phone calls, plays music on demand, records video, shops and more without using screens. The voice-activated personal assistant learns your preferences, and filters unwanted calls and texts, allowing you to focus on the present moment. Humane Pin has a built-in laser projection that allows you to see controls and information on your hand. $699, humane.com/aipin


Laptop dock

Ditch the desk clutter and embrace comfort with the Oakywood Laptop Dock, the stylish and sustainable solution for elevating your laptop setup. Oakywood saves desk space by storing your laptop vertically and comes in three colors, assuring its ability to match any aesthetic. All products support responsible forestry practices by using sustainably sourced wood, and a tree is planted with every product purchased. $70, oakywood.shop


6-in-1 supercharger

Tired of tangled wires, bulky adapters or frantic searches for the right charger? The Baseus PowerCombo 65W Charging Station is your gateway to organized power and getting rid of power strips and that disorganized jumble of cables. With a retractable USB-C cable, ports to charge six devices at once and more than eight safety protections, the power station is an investment in convenience, efficiency and peace of mind. $80, baseus.com


Pocket-sized powerhouse

Ever miss a deadline while on the road for lack of a reliable internet connection? The Beryl AX Pocket-sized Travel Router from GL.iNet assures your work will get done, no matter where the job takes you. Toss it in your bag and enjoy reliable Wi-Fi from hotels and cafes to campgrounds and trails, as the Beryl router delivers speed and customization with its convenient size. Also includes VPN client and server that automatically encrypts all network traffic within a connected network and prevents eavesdropping from malicious parties. $99, store.gl-inet.com


Audio to action

Anyone enjoy sifting through hours of meeting recordings to find just a few key points? PLAUD NOTE uses ChatGPT’s cutting-edge AI to convert your voice into crystal-clear text that is instantly accessible and searchable. No more deciphering scribbles or missing critical details — focus on the conversation, and let AI handle the rest. The recording assistant also saves time by intelligently summarizing key points and identifying action items. Imagine reviewing a meeting not with pages of notes, but with a concise, organized summary, highlighting the crucial takeaways. Save time, boost comprehension and never miss a beat. $159, plaud.ai


AI assistant

Allow Rabbit R1 to simplify your life with its conversational AI that understands spoken requests and executes tasks instantly. No more searching for apps or struggling with touchscreens. Just ask, and it gets done. Ditch the app overload and invest in an AI-powered pocket companion, a singular device that can translate any language for you in real time, call an Uber for you and even present and book travel plans, all without the distraction of scrolling and clicking on a screen. $199, rabbit.tech


The next business card

Step into the future of networking with Blinq, the QR code-powered business card app that transforms how you share your contact information with prospects. By just scanning the code, Blinq gives you the ability to get anything, from your digital business card to your LinkedIn profile, directly to their phone. Curious about what happens to your information? This digital business card allows you to track card views, downloads and engagement, so you can determine which personal messaging works best. It also logs when and where you met your new contacts. The app is fully customizable and accessible not to mention eco-friendly. Subscriptions range from free for basic service for individuals to $5 per month per card for teams, blinq.me