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Silence the spam
Silence the spam

Mar 01 2024 / Round the Table Magazine

Silence the spam

Ensure your practice stays clear of hackers, paper waste and keyboard crumbs.

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Silence the spam

Want a life free of robocalls and texts? Robokiller: Spam Call Blocker might be the solution to a seemingly unsolvable problem. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, the Apple app can identify and block 99% of spam calls and texts. It also offers personal data protection features to combat identity theft, and the possibility to “get even” through their Answer Bot integrated technology. The seven-day trial is free, and then subscription is required, Apple App Store.


The paper saver

Ditch messy paper notes and a cluttered desk with the Quartet Glass Desktop Dry-Erase Easel, the sleek and stylish solution for jotting down ideas, brainstorming in style and keeping reminders readily visible. The frameless glass surface is stain resistant and durable thanks to its GreenGuard Gold Certified tempered glass. Comes with a removable clip for holding papers and a dry eraser. $37, quartet.com


Hands-free charging

Looking to transform your on-the-road phone usage experience? The Q.Mount 15W Smart 2 Infrared Sensor Wireless Car Charger rotates 360 degrees so you can view your phone in portrait or landscape mode, has 15-watt universal wireless charging capabilities, and an infrared induction smart sensor that automatically opens and closes the clamps. Q.Mount comes with two mounting options: an air vent clip and a windshield suction cup. $73, momax.net


Clean up your camera roll

Say goodbye to messy albums, duplicate images and endless scrolling with a photo organizer that transforms your camera roll into levels of organization you didn’t know were possible. Slidebox is simple to use with only three main actions: Swipe left to see the photo next in line, tap to sort an image into an album or swipe up to trash a current photo. From there you can click the trash icon to permanently delete the photos from your device. Slidebox can help you reclaim your phone’s storage and assure that your cherished memories are easily accessible. Free, Apple App Store


Privacy ensured

Keep your conversations private with Proton Mail, an end-to-end email encryption service. Proton Mail has a user-friendly interface, powerful search and filtering tools, and seamless mobile apps for on-the-go communication. The application contains features like calendar integration, custom domains and even encrypted storage for added peace of mind. Don’t want to change your email? No problem. Proton Mail has a seamless integration program called Bridge that pairs with your favorite, existing domain. The basic application is free, and the advanced option is $10 a month, proton.me/mail


Tame your cables

Sometimes the simplest options are the best. Velcro Brand One-Wrap Ties are a no-brainer when it comes to bundling wires, cords, cables and string lights. These heavy-duty, pre-cut straps are built to last, unlike flimsy zip ties that snap and break, and are reusable, making them dependable and eco-friendly. The straps are available in black and in rainbow colors. $3, velcro.com


Three for the price of one

If you’ve ever wanted to protect your eyes, take phone calls or listen to tunes from the same device, Revo Sonic 1 Polarized Bluetooth Sunglasses are for you. They have polarized NASA lens technology that offer 100% protection from ultraviolet A and B light and RevoWhisper technology that cancels out ambient noise and enhances your speech while taking phone calls via Bluetooth. Directional stereo speakers allow you to listen to music. Battery life gives you 11 hours of  nonstop music or eight hours of phone calls. $379, revo.com


Ditch the dust

Say goodbye to keyboard crumbs with the OXO Good Grips Sweep & Swipe Laptop Cleaner. This compact, travel-friendly brush contains two interchangeable sides: the microfiber brush that gently sweeps away dust and debris on the keyboard, and the suede pad that polishes your screen and removes fingerprints and smudges without scratching or streaking. No need for harsh chemicals. $12, oxo.com


Threat detection and defense

Protect your Android and iOS mobile devices and the data stored on them from malware with Sophos Intercept X for Mobile. The threat detection solution continuously monitors the health of your device and alerts you if it is compromised, so you can take remediating action. In addition to anti-virus protection, Sophos encrypts your data to prevent hackers from viewing your activities and contains a secure QR code scanner to confirm that a URL is free of malicious content before opening. Free trial and then subscription is required, sophos.com