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Having a coach makes our learning curve much smaller. You reach those heights much faster, and the success stays with you because there is somebody who's monitoring you, who's your sounding board. When I went to my first meeting at MDRT, something that I learned from all successful advisors was that they all had a coach. And I always thought that coaches are needed maybe for musicians, for Olympic athletes.
I never had any idea that a coach could make so much difference. And a coach has made a tremendous, tremendous difference in my business practice. We are in a very lonely business, and we don't have to be in it all by ourselves. Nobody has done it alone. Nobody has ever reached those levels of success on their own. It is very important to shorten the learning curve because I feel that if you have a coach, they stop you from making those mistakes. They tell you if this should be done or not.
And otherwise, you would make mistakes, learn, take time, make mistakes, learn, take time and reach your goal. But if you have a coach, they can tell you right away, “Don't do this. This is not the right practice. Instead, do this.” That's the reason having a coach shortens that time. You don't have to wait for years to reach those heights. Your coach can tell you the proven methods, proven ways to success.
So, I have two coaches. One is the strategic coach who looks at my practice as a business, and then I have a tactical coach who actually goes into the real deep woods of my business, and they tell me that's what I should do.
In fact, I would like to share an example where my coach really, really helped me. I used to do everything on my own. I used to feel that I'm the best, and it's only me who can do it the best. But, when I hired a coach, my coach told me, “Sim, you cannot do everything on your own. You need to have somebody else to take care of the stuff which they are good at, and you keep doing what you are best at.”
And that's the time I realized that I should be in front of the client. And that one suggestion from my coach was a game-changer for me. I immediately followed what my coach said, and today I only sit in front of the clients and do what I am best at, what I bring the best for my client. Everything else is all done by other members of the team, as per my coach's direction.

Jan 04 2024

Reach goals faster using a coach

One of the best things Sim Gakhar learned at her first Annual Meeting was the value of hiring a coach. Listen to how she’s reached her goals faster, including achieving Top of the Table.

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