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MDRT volunteers

MDRT provides exceptional experiences, a vibrant community and essential tools for its dedicated and knowledgeable volunteers. MDRT volunteers help their colleagues develop their expertise and further their MDRT membership.

Volunteers perform a variety of assignments and projects each year. MDRT leadership recognizes and greatly appreciates their contributions. Volunteers:

• Provide guidance on industry trends
• Assist in the development of learning events like MDRT’s Annual Meeting and many more
• Serve as leaders and influencers throughout the organization by executing goals and initiatives related to the Strategic Plan
• Provide research and content experts for MDRT resources and publications
• Serve as moderators, speakers, recruiters and messengers for the organization
• Offer insight through task forces and committees representing membership

How to create your volunteer opportunity

Members choose to volunteer for a variety of reasons. It offers the chance to give back or make a difference to other members, and it provide an opportunity to develop new skills or build on existing experience and knowledge.

• Share an idea (sales, marketing, productivity, practice management, etc.) for possible use in an MDRT publication. Submit your idea here
• Recommend a speaker. MDRT is always looking for members and nonmembers who can offer new ideas. Click here to learn more.

Most members begin volunteering through the Membership Communications Committee (MCC) or at the MDRT Annual Meeting. The MCC works at the local level monitoring industry activities and involvement worldwide. The MCC is a communication link between MDRT leadership and membership at large. Program General Arrangements (PGA) volunteers, which total around 700, assist with Annual Meeting logistics, including directing foot traffic, serving as speaker liaisons, assisting customers in the MDRT Store and greeting first-time attendees.