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Membership Benefits

Since 1927, the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) has provided its members around the world with access to valuable resources to help them achieve lifelong career success in the financial services profession. MDRT connects its members to an unmatched global network of the best minds in the business. The knowledge and expertise harnessed within MDRT spans the full spectrum of financial services, including life insurance, investments, retirement planning, wealth management and more. In an intensely competitive profession, objections are routine and regulatory changes are the norm. MDRT is where advisors come to learn how to achieve greater success and longer, more sustainable careers.

MDRT provides a combination of tangible and intangible resources, face-to-face interactions and round-the-clock access to the ideas members are using every day to boost their productivity, build their business and discover new success strategies.

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Reach new heights

MDRT’s ever-increasing membership production requirements, and the higher Court of the Table and Top of the Table membership levels, reinforce the importance of setting and achieving bigger goals.


Experience the value of learning from, interacting with and being inspired by the best financial services professionals from around the world at the MDRT Annual Meeting, the Top of the Table Annual Meeting and the MDRT Experience and Global Conference.

Emerge as a leader

MDRT creates opportunities for its members to serve as volunteer leaders within the organization.

Build client trust

Your MDRT membership strengthens credibility and confidence among your clients.

Make a difference

The MDRT Foundation is a meaningful benefit available to all MDRT members. The MDRT Foundation allows you to support charitable causes and organizations you care about, become a community leader and build relationships with industry leaders.

Whole Person concept

MDRT encourages its members to balance their personal and professional lives. Members achieve greater total success when they are able to live more balanced and fulfilling lives, and the principles of the Whole Person concept are incorporated throughout the organization.

Round the Table Magazine

MDRT’s bimonthly publication zeroes in on trends and opportunities specific to the financial services industry, creating an in-depth look at how MDRT members are overcoming challenges to optimize their success. Each issue includes transferable ideas, member profiles, feature articles about specific markets and more. Visit roundthetable.org for the current online edition and archives of past issues.

Online resources

The members-only section of the website houses educational content, videos, podcasts, manuscripts from past MDRT meetings and much more.

Annual Meeting "Proceedings"

Enjoy the wealth of information shared at the MDRT Annual Meeting, even if you are unable to attend. With the “Proceedings,” you can study the lessons presented by world-renowned speakers and apply those ideas to your business as easily as if you had sat in the audience. Past presentations dating back to 2002 are available on the MDRT website.

MDRT e-Newsletter

Read the monthly e-newsletter emailed directly to all MDRT members to harvest your peers’ proven business ideas and concepts from a global perspective.