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About the Mentoring Program

The program creates the opportunity for a committed, experienced MDRT member to provide counseling, guidance and encouragement to help an aspirant reach MDRT–level production and membership. Mentoring creates a positive outcome for two producers by matching their varying levels of experience and talent to lead the aspirant to long-term career success, and the mentor to continued and/or greater success and personal satisfaction.

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Annual Meeting registration requirements

Mentoring Program

Program Highlights

No enrollment fee

Access to MDRT mentoring resources

Quick and easy online enrollment process

Online enrollment.

Open enrollment period with no time limit.

Access to the MDRT Annual Meeting for aspirants:

50 percent of the MDRT member production requirement is needed for the aspirant to attend the first time.

To attend a second time, 75 percent of the MDRT member production requirement is needed.

Eligibility requirements for aspirants

  • Anyone who has had more than one year of MDRT membership is not eligible to enroll in the mentoring program as an aspirant
  • Aspirants must report their commission or premium production to MDRT each year that they are enrolled in the program, regardless of whether they are attending the MDRT Annual Meeting.
  • An aspirant may attend the MDRT Annual Meeting up to two times with his or her mentor if they meet the following criteria:

To attend the Annual Meeting as an aspirant:

  • First time meeting attendance - Must have reached at least 50 percent of the MDRT membership production requirements.
  • Second time meeting attendance Must have reached at least 75 percent of the MDRT membership production requirement..
  • Aspirants must qualify using either the commission or premium qualification method. They may not use the income qualification method. Click here to download the MDRT production certifying letter.
  • The aspirant's mentor must be a current MDRT member and must also attend the meeting.


Monthly feature

Each month, the MDRT Mentoring Program features leaders and strategists with performance insights best suited for individual or team study. We select the most relevant summary that best relates to topics such as prospecting and referrals, selling and presenting, client relations, closing and objections, and productivity. Features are available monthly and include an MP3, PowerPoint presentation, a written transcript, presentation highlights and key study questions.

Falling Forward

Mack Dryden

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Mentoring Resources

Contrary to what you may think, mentoring is not about an experienced advisor telling a younger agent how to do their job. It is the act of sharing information about how the mentor addressed the challenges and situations similar to those the new agent is facing. A mentor’s guidance is essential during the formative learning period, and new agents will succeed if they have the ambition and passion to apply the lessons learned through the relationship.

To help open a dialogue, MDRT collected mentoring resources for use by mentors and aspirants.

View mentoring and aspirant resources

frequently asked questions

Who can become an aspirant?

Anyone in the financial services industry can participate, as long as they have not been an MDRT member for more than one year.

Who can become a mentor?

Mentors must be current MDRT members willing and able to enter into a committed mentoring relationship in order to best guide an aspirant. A mentor may enter into a mentoring relationship with as many aspirants as he or she wishes, from any company or country.

How can I enroll in the Mentoring Program?

You can enroll in the program online by clicking here.

Why are aspirants required to report their production to MDRT every year?

MDRT's strives to provide its members with the tools and support to achieve increasing levels of productivity and enjoy long-term success in their career. One of the ways that we are able to do this is by collecting and evaluating the production qualification data that is reported by members and aspirants so that we can track results and make informed decisions about how to improve and promote the program. As with our members' production information, MDRT maintains strict confidentiality of aspirants' reported production and does not share the information with any third parties.

What if an aspirant's production reaches or exceeds the MDRT membership production qualification level?

The mentoring program is designed for advisors who aspire to reach MDRT-level production but have not yet done so. Once an aspirant notifies MDRT they have reached qualifying-level production, a congratulatory letter and membership application will be sent to themm along with instructions for how they can apply for MDRT membership.

NOTE: MDRT's membership application deadline is March 1 every year. To avoid having to pay additional fees, membership applications must be submitted on or before the March 1 deadline.

Once I am in the program, how long can I be an aspirant?

The MDRT Mentoring Program has an open enrollment period with no time limit.

Do mentoring teams have to live in the same city, state or country?

Participants in mentoring teams can form from all over the world, as long as all parties agree to be accountable and committed to the agreements formed between them.

How much does the mentoring program cost?

There is no cost to enroll in the MDRT Mentoring Program.

May I attend the MDRT Annual Meeting as an aspirant, and how much production do I need to attend?

An aspirant may attend the MDRT Annual Meeting for the first time if they achieve at least 50 percent of the required MDRT membership production. An aspirant may also attend the MDRT Annual Meeting a second time if they achieve at least 75 percent of the required MDRT membership production. Aspirants must qualify using either the commission or premium method. To register for the MDRT Annual Meeting, the aspirant must be enrolled in the mentoring program by March 1 of the Annual Meeting year, submit their year-end eligible production totals via certifying letters to the mentoring department by the required deadlines, and must attend the meeting with his or her mentor. After attending the meeting a second time, the aspirant may only attend if they have become an MDRT member.

What happens if my mentor does not qualify for membership, can I attend?

To attend the Annual Meeting, the aspirant's mentor must be a current MDRT member attending the Annual Meeting. If you are having difficulty, please contact MDRT.

How do I find a mentor?

MDRT encourages those seeking mentors to talk to their agency managers, leaders in the field and home office, attend industry networking events, and talk to as many people as possible. MDRT is not able match aspirants and mentors.

As an MDRT member, what do I gain from being a mentor?

A recent MDRT analysis of 2013 production for 2014 membership shows that, on average, U.S. MDRT members who participated in the mentoring program experienced an increase in qualifying commission of $23,000 and $123,000 in qualifying premium over their 2012 production.”

In addition to experiencing gains in their own production, MDRT members who serve as mentors also report being personally fulfilled by sharing their knowledge with an aspiring MDRT member and giving back to the industry and their profession.

What are the production requirements as an aspirant?

There is no production requirement to enroll in the MDRT Mentoring Program. However, in order to track progress, Aspirants will be required to report their production to MDRT each year. Those wishing to attend the Annual Meeting must meet the minimum production requirement of 50% or 75% of the MDRT membership requirement of which 50% must come from the Unlimited Category.

Who can I contact if I still have questions?

You may contact the mentoring department at MDRT headquarters by calling +1 847.692.6378 or emailing mentoring@mdrt.org.