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MDRT has made a donation to the MDRT Foundation in memory of these members.

Janurary/Feburary 2020

David Adkins
Wilson, North Carolina
Age: 79; MDRT: 33 years

Nathan Barsky
Stratford, Connecticut
Age: 89; MDRT: 12 years

Scott J. Behan, LUTCF, CLU
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Age: 52; MDRT: 21 years

David H. Borchardt, CLU, RICP
De Pere, Wisconsin
Age: 66; MDRT: 27 years

Peter Brookes
San Diego, California
Age: 89; MDRT: 37 years

Kenneth D. Brown, CLU
Towson, Maryland
Age: 94; MDRT: 51 years

Dennis Carlsen
Camanche, Iowa
Age: 76; MDRT: 32 years

James Cavenaugh
Raleigh, North Carolina
Age: 77; MDRT: 32 years

Matthew Clarke, LUTCF, CLTC
Annapolis, Maryland
Age: 36; MDRT: 10 years

Stanley Collender
Wilmington, Delaware
Age: 90; MDRT: 48 years

James M. Collins, CLU
Rockingham, North Carolina
Age: 82; MDRT: 12 years

Mehdi Fakharzadeh
Teaneck, New Jersey
Age: 97; MDRT: 52 years

Douglas W. Forstrom
Fairmont, Minnesota
Age: 69; MDRT: 13 years

Isamu Fukuda
Tokyo, Japan
Age: 59; MDRT: 27 years

Herbert D. Graber
Montvale, New Jersey
Age: 79; MDRT: 50 years

George Hoag
Montvale, New Jersey
Age: 79; MDRT: 50 years

Jerome Hunt
Emeryville, California
Age: 88; MDRT: 13 years

Jack Ingram
Kennewick, Washington
Age: 94; MDRT: 32 years

Pat Ingram, CLU, ChFC
Cleveland, Mississippi
Age: 94; MDRT: 32 years

James Kageleiry
Dover, New Hampshire
Age: 95; MDRT: 50 years

Robert W. Kelley, LUTCF
Melbourne, Florida
Age: 75; MDRT: 43 years

David F. Lau, CLU, ChFC
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
Age: 68; MDRT: 42 years

Jack L. McKewen Jr., CLU
Birmingham, Alabama
Age: 72; MDRT: 45 years

Melvin P. Meyers, CLU, ChFC
Addison, Texas
Age: 80; MDRT: 31 years

Herbert Minn
Honolulu, Hawaii
Age: 96; MDRT: 67 years

Gary B. Mofson, CLU, ChFC
Rowland Heights, California
Age: 78; MDRT: 39 years

Tomie Ozaki
Tokyo, Japan
Age: 58; MDRT: 11 years

Stanley Perumal
Kwazulu Natal, South Africa
Age: 68; MDRT: 33 years

Alan M. Power, CLU
Wellington, New Zealand
Age: 69; MDRT: 20 years

Kenneth Quan, ChFC
San Francisco, California
Age: 72; MDRT: 27 years

Bertram Rosen
Flushing, New York
Age: 89; MDRT: 12 years

George L. Rumelt, CLU, ChFC
New City, New York
Age: 90; MDRT: 30 years

Donald E. Shopiro, CLU, ChFC
West Chester, Pennsylvania
Age: 98; MDRT: 65 years

Billy Solomon
Houston, Texas
Age: 78; MDRT: 32 years

Steven M. Stratton
Dallas, Texas
Age: 63; MDRT: 26 years

Chandrakant Vora
Dallas, Texas
Age: 80; MDRT: 11 years

Clune J. Walsh Jr., CLU
Detroit, Michigan
Age: 91; MDRT: 63 years

Loyal I. Wilson
Hudson, Indiana
Age: 94; MDRT: 53 years

November/December 2019

William J. Braun, CLU, AEP
Decatur, Illinois
Age: 93  MDRT: 61 years

Joseph S. Bonin, CLU, ChFC
St. Martinville, Louisiana
Age: 82  MDRT: 27 years

Robert B. Goldstein, CLU
Cleveland, Ohio
Age: 88  MDRT: 16 years

Merlin V. Terrill, CLU, ChFC
Grand Haven, Michigan
Age: 90  MDRT: 35 years

September/October 2019

Richard J. Chura, CLU, ChFC
Indiana, Pennsylvania
Age: 76  MDRT: 41 years

Maria Elena De Obarrio, MBA
Panama City, Panama
Age: 32  MDRT: 4 years

Shimako Hara
Tokyo, Japan
Age: 68  MDRT: 27 years

Carl A. Pearce
Bishop, California
Age: 83  MDRT: 7 years

Simeon Taylor
San Rafael, California
Age: 55  MDRT: 14 years

Marco Antonio Navarro Vazquez
Michoacan, Mexico
Age:51  MDRT: 16 years

James H. Watson
Roanoke, Virginia
Age: 92  MDRT: 49 years

July/August 2019

Kristina H. Chew
San Francisco, California
Age: 72  MDRT: 34 years

Larry K. Hoffman, LUTCF
Evanston, Wyoming
Age: 83  MDRT: 34 years

Mitchell R. Marcus, CLU, AEP
Hingham, Massachusetts
Age: 66  MDRT: 34 years

Sidney A. McCool
Gulfport, Mississippi
Age: 78  MDRT: 2 years

John K. Meras
San Rafael, California
Age: 84  MDRT: 3 years

Carvel Mills, CLU
Midland, Texas
Age: 89  MDRT: 26 years