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The MDRT Mentoring Program creates the opportunity for a committed MDRT member to provide counseling, guidance and encouragement to help an aspirant reach MDRT-level production and membership. Regardless of the form you use to mentor (Skype, lunches, phone calls, in-person meetings, etc.), mentoring facilitates sharing knowledge, expertise, skills, insights and experiences through dialogue and collaborative learning.

If you are interested in becoming a Mentor, contact your home office for the name of an eligible agent to mentor. Enrollment requires the aspirant to first create a profile, then log in and assign the MDRT member as their mentor.


Why become a mentor?


By giving back to the industry, MDRT members find mentoring to be a gratifying and rewarding experience. Mentors have cited a long list of opportunities that have come through mentoring. This includes increased focus and production, discovering new solutions to existing challenges, potential market expansion and a method to vet a business succession candidate.

MDRT Mentoring Resources for Mentors

Mentor Production Goals

Reaching monthly goals is key to maintaining MDRT membership