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Our members across the world connect to learn from each other’s experiences, share ideas and stay ahead of the curve.


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MDRT offers a library of educational content, including event videos, the MDRT Podcast and articles on a variety of idea generating topics.

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Learn from and be inspired by the most renowned financial services professionals from around the world at MDRT’s events.


Do you qualify for MDRT?

In addition to an annual membership fee, members must meet a certain level of premium, commission or income during the year.

Members gain access to the MDRT Member Directory — enabling individuals to reach out and connect with others across the association.

Grow and achieve, together. MDRT members are some of the top performers. Study groups allow members to learn and grow from each other.

MDRT’s top-performing network of financial professionals helps other MDRT members achieve even higher levels of success.

In addition to award winning meetings, MDRT members are encouraged to attend regional events to meet others in their area.

Are you a business administrator or certifying officer that needs assistance?

Learn how to submit your company's information and ensure your producers are certified for MDRT membership.

Other opportunities to get involved with MDRT

Our goal is to help you achieve lifelong success by qualifying for and maintaining membership in MDRT. If you do not yet reach MDRT qualifying minimums, but you would like to get on the pathway to membership, or if you have transitioned into a leadership role but would like to remain connected to MDRT, we have opportunities and options for you.