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Peggy Tsai, RFP, CCFP

Peggy Tsai, RFP, CCFP, is the 2022 First Vice President of the MDRT Executive Committee. She is a 20-year MDRT member with eight Court of the Table and five Top of the Table qualifications. She is also a Diamond Knight of the MDRT Foundation. Tsai, an advisor with Shin Kong Life Insurance Co., has won the award for No. 1 sales achievement in her company for seven consecutive years. Tsai has held numerous volunteer leadership positions for MDRT, including Divisional Vice President of Membership Communications Committee (MCC) Division 2, MCC Region Chair for Greater China and MCC Zone Chair for Taiwan. Tsai has also volunteered in several capacities for MDRT’s meetings, and she has presented at the MDRT Annual Meeting. In addition to her MDRT involvement, Tsai has spoken to numerous audiences of financial professionals in China and has contributed to industry publications in her region.