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AI interpretation
AI interpretation

Jan 02 2024 / Round the Table Magazine

AI interpretation

Create a more professional online presence, avoid unsolicited emails and enhance your safety with these apps and gadgets.

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AI interpretation

With business becoming more global, being in a meeting or a video call with people who live in other countries and speak another language is not uncommon. Articula provides the opportunity to be not only better understood but also more personable through on-call, instantaneous interpretation. Using artificial intelligence, Articula takes 20-second clips of your voice and mimics it in 24 different languages, assuring that your conversation won’t contain a cold, robot-like feel. The first five minutes of conversation are free, and then 15-, 30- and 60-minute increments are available for purchase for $2 to $8, articula.ai


A social media booster

Having a strong online presence is crucial, and LinkedIn has been a go-to platform for advisors to showcase their skills to prospective clients. However, creating content and managing your LinkedIn profile effectively can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Taplio is an artificial intelligence app that helps users create better LinkedIn content, schedule posts and analyze your profile’s performance. Through monitoring LinkedIn algorithms, the app suggests improvements and personalized recommendations on how to make it stand out. Free, taplio.com


Backup door lock

Safety is a priority whether you are at home or away for business. Winonly’s Travel Door Lock is one way to ensure that you will be the only person going in and out of your space. Winonly’s compact size is great for travel, making the device perfect for both your home and your hotel room. The instructions are simple: Insert the device, close the door and lock the red handle in place. $12, amazon.com


AI content creator

Jasper is an artificial intelligence app trained in marketing and professional content creation. Jasper can create anything from short, professional emails to lengthy articles, all at the click of a button. Jasper optimizes efficiency by taking tasks off your hands and cutting your brainstorming time in half. Jasper also can proofread your work and translate it into as many as 25 different languages. $39/month, jasper.ai


Detection security

Heard those stories about travelers discovering cameras in their accommodations hidden in bathroom smoke detectors or bedroom outlets? The BTFDREEM Hidden Camera Detector has your back. This hidden-camera detector uses a wireless and infrared scanning technique that can detect wireless pinhole cameras, GPS location trackers, cable cameras, electrical radiation sources and more. $44, amazon.com


Travel-sized tech

Your keyboard has never been easier to travel with. The Arteck Folding Bluetooth Keyboard, weighing less than 7 ounces and less than 6 inches long when folded, is one of the most compact keyboards on the market. The keyboard is also compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and Mac devices. The built-in rechargeable Li-polymer battery provides more than 60 hours of continuous charge, with sleep and power-off modes to conserve battery life. $35, amazon.com


Get a handle on subscriptions

Are you getting charged for online subscriptions you don’t use, forgot to cancel or don’t know how to turn off? Managing your paid subscriptions is crucial to controlling your finances, and because it’s so easy to get lost amid billing cycles for these services, you might think a third-party app is needed. But the subscriptions can be managed through your smart device’s app store. For Android devices, open Google Play > Tap your profile picture > Payments & subscriptions > Subscriptions > Select a service. From there, you can tap Cancel subscription or Manage or Pause payments to place the subscription on hold for your desired amount of time. For Apple devices, open the App Store > Tap your profile picture > Subscriptions > The subscription you wish to cancel > Cancel subscription. Manage your subscriptions for yourself by yourself for free.


Disposable email

While giving out your email address seems harmless, it can lead to issues with spam, unwanted advertising mailings and hacking. This is where Temp Mail comes in with a temporary, disposable email that self-destructs after a certain amount of time elapses. Temp Mail enables you to keep your personal email account separate and clutter-free and ensures that your personal information remains private. By using a disposable email address for online registrations or trial subscriptions, you minimize the risk of your data being sold or shared with third parties and receiving unsolicited emails. Free, temp-mail.org


Personalized presentations

Video emails can deliver a personalized touch to a message. So can a PowerPoint or a data-based presentation with a video window of you talking on it. Loom enables you to create screen-sharable recordings with your computer’s built-in mic and camera. With the touch of a button, you can seamlessly record and insert yourself alongside any instructional or presentational video that can be shared. Loom AI also writes titles and summaries of your video, breaks your topic into chapters for easier viewing, and assigns tasks and action items for staff and clients. Five-minute access is free, and paid subscriptions start at $8. loom.com